Introduction: Camouflaged Map Money Wallet

No one will ever mug you for your local tourist map! So why not use it as a covert backup wallet to store your cards and cash!

This instructable is very easy; I'm making mine on-the-go with just my hands as you will on your travels. I'll show you how to make the simplest (and for me the most effective) paper money wallet.

You will need:
• A free tourist's map (usually A3 sized).
• Scissors (optional - if you're not comfortable with tearing).

• Thanks to WatchingWoolykal for your fantastic plain-paper wallet build video.

Step 1: Folding

You need your map approximately A4 sized. So, if the map is A3, tear it in half down the middle (1st photo).

All folds are inwards (up towards yourself, then flat), so it's nice and easy to remember.

With your map in portrait orientation, fold it in half (top down to the bottom). Then open the map out again. You'll have a centre line as shown in the 2nd photo.

Now fold the bottom edge up to your centre line (3rd photo) and the top edge down to the centre line, quartering the map vertically (4th photo). The result can be seen in the 5th photo.

Finally, fold the map in half crossways (last photo).

Step 2: Tearing

First, you need to know how long your wallet will be. Take a card as shown above and place it on your wallet towards the middle. Now fold up the outside edge to be just further out than the card (1st photo). Fold the other end to match (2nd photo). Then open the map out to A4 again.

Make tears along your quarter lines, from each edge to the first fold that crosses it. For ease, these are the blue dotted lines in the 3rd photo, making 6 tears in total. You can see an example in the 4th photo. Do these tears as straight as you can and along the fold lines; accuracy makes the wallet easier to assemble.

I'm not gong to add a centre-fold pocket as many others do because in my experience cards fall out of those pockets - better to keep everything in the top pocket.

Step 3: Assembly

You now have 4 flaps down either side. From the top, fold the first and third flaps in on either side (as indicated by the blue arrows in the 1st picture). Now fold the wallet back into quarters again as before.

From side-on, you have two halves, each with pocket and a flap. One flap is toward the middle and the other toward outside. As shown in the 2nd picture, fold the innermost flap across the centre and tuck it into the opposite pocket (1). Then take the outermost flap and fold it across the middle into the remaining pocket (2). Repeat on the other end of the wallet.

That's it! Your map wallet is now held securely together, ready for your stash. Happy travels!

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