Introduction: Camping Shower for Under $5

Step 1: Step 1: the Need

The need arose from, of all things, trying to get my mobile home set up and ready to move in...not being overly wealthy...or wealthy at all, I needed to make a way for us to stay clean (an idea firmly given to me by my woman) when we were working on the mobile home for a few days at a time. So we started looking for a camping shower to buy, but didn't have the $9+ that Walmart wanted for I got to thinking and realized that I had the materials to make one.

Step 2: List of Materials

Several large washers (found in my toolbox) A tea pitcher with a removable nozzle on the bottom ($1.50) Air hose fitting (found in my toolbox) Fish tank water hose (also in my toolbox) And ducto-cement ($1.00 at the dollar store)

Step 3: Assembly

I just put the air hose fitting together, put the clear washers on either side of the hole to the pitcher, glued it with the ducto-cement, then layered the washers and ducto-cement until there was no more space for anything but the plastic washer, then I glued it all together, attached the hose, and glued that in too. It's gravity fed, so no worries on pressure!