Introduction: Can You Hear Me Now?

Have a low budget for a costume for Halloween? Don't have time to buy an outfit or can't find one in your size? The Verizon can you hear me now man is simple! Wear whatever you wish. All you need is a prop: a phone!!! But how will people know who you are though without an elaborate costume? A giant iPhone will help! This was my costume for a Halloween dance. I even included sayings inside each app for an interactive experience like a real phone!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

There are a few ways to make this but this is what I used:
-3 pieces of black foam board ($2 at dollar tree)
-white cardstock or poster board (10 piece pack is plenty for $3 at Walmart)
-Glue Stick
-Printer OR paint (you can print the icons or paint them)
-pen (if you want to write something witty inside each app)
-duct tape
-paint pen or paint

Step 2: Make the Phone

Turn your foam board over. Take your duct tape and join together the boards. One strip of tape on the joints should do the job.

Once they are joined, round the corners off to give it that iPhone shape. You can do this with scissors or a knife, whichever is easier.

Step 3: Make the Icons

Decide which icons you want to use. Print these on a full size sheet of paper (ensuring all are the same size) or paint them.

Cut the icons out and then paste them to your cardboard. You will want to leave a blank space on the cardboard TO THE LEFT beside where you pasted (the same size as the icon). This will be used to write on when you flip open the icon.

Cut out you shapes making sure to leave the side attached.

Fold your long shape in half and trim it nicely so it looks like a single app

Now arrange them on your phone in whatever order you want. iPhone has 3 across and 4 on bottom.

Once you have the position you want, glue the back half to the board.

Write something inside (for example: for Facebook write a status update or something witty) each app so that you can flip it open for more fun

Step 4: Add the Finishing Touches

Add the final touches. Outline the screen, add the circle for the camera, add the home button.

Now ask... Can you hear me now?

Bonus: wear a red shirt for Verizon!

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