Candy Tossing Target

Introduction: Candy Tossing Target

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If you can hit the target, a piece of candy will be flung outward.

Using Mike's head to toss at the target gives a different meaning to "heads will roll."

Step 1:

Create the pieces using 3d print files found at:

Step 2:

Glue the bulls eye to the target piece.

Step 3:

Print the head (being lightweight, it needs 30% infill and supports). Being pasty pale, he needs to be colorized.

Step 4:

Place a rubber band around the base and arm.

Step 5:

Insert the pin into the target arm.

Step 6:

Secure the pin with a cap. Pull the arm into position and raise the target into the slot on the arm. Place candy in the arm's receptacle.

Aim for the target and it will reward you with candy--if you are a good shot.

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