Candy Wrapper Chain




Introduction: Candy Wrapper Chain

You will need candy wrappers. Starburst wrappers are the perfect size, as are Now and Later wrappers. You will need quite a lot if you want to make a long chain.

Step 1: Fold Wrapper in Half

Step 2: Fold in Half Again

Step 3: One More Time

Step 4: Now Fold It the Other Way

Step 5: Fold the Ends Into the Center

Step 6: Make Another One

Step 7: Link Them Together

They look like the letter V. Hold one so it looks like the letter V and then stick the other one through the top of the first one. I can't really explain just look at the photos.

Step 8: Keep Linking Them Until You Reach the Desired Length

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    Tip 4 weeks ago on Step 7

    Link one “v” into the loops formed by the fold to the center of the candy wrapper