Introduction: Canned Drink Prank

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April fools day is fast approaching and this is the fast way to prepare

would it be fun if there would be no drinks available but they think there is a lot to drink

and secretly drinking all the contents and serve them with water in a Soda can 

why not invite your friends to your party and serve them with your prank

Step 1: Prepare All the Things

All you need is:
a office thumb tack
hard thing to hit with (mini hammer, pliers)
Canned Drink (soft drinks, Juice, etc.)
Glass or container
Injection Syringe Or any tube that fits the Little hole

Step 2: Make a Hole

Since Aluminum is a soft metal it won't need drilling.


1. Take the Thumb tack and center the hole
            -there is a circle in the center of the opening of the can (Please refer to the image)-
2. Hit the thumb tack with a hard material i used a pliers since Hammer wont be needed
3. After hitting successfully you will hear a fizzing sound coming form the hole if it is a Carbonated drink.


Warning: Do not shake before making a hole or you will make a mess.

Step 3: Transfer the Drink

You may Transfer the drink faster by shaking the can since pressure is formed inside and there is no other hole to come out from IF it is carbonated but if it's not you will need to squeeze it for several minutes without damaging much the container

Or even drink it but make sure it shoots in your mouth haha....

Patience is a virtue...

Step 4: After Transfering

Once the can is empty clean it since it may be sticky.

Its up to you where you want to display it. 

It may be in the Refrigerator, ice box or place that the visitors would get it and be pranked.

using an injection you may place water in so that they think it is still full

For more fun Place a CCTV camera around the vicinity of where the can is placed.

Step 5: Wait for Our Victim

Here is the good part to see if there will be someone fooled :D

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