Canning Fruit by Making Jam. No Pectin. Simple Recipe.

Introduction: Canning Fruit by Making Jam. No Pectin. Simple Recipe.

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This easy method of making and water bath canning jam without pectin works for a variety of fruit, such as strawberry and persimmon.  Few ingredients are used: sugar, lemon juice and the fruit itself.  It can't be much easier to make jam at home.

The resulting jars of jam, if processed correctly, can be stored unrefrigerated for long periods.  Once opened, a jar must be stored in the refrigerator.

While a canning pot with rack and canning tongs are used, it's easy to make jam without them.  Canning jars are necessary - either "Mason" jars or empty cleaned commercial jam-jars with compatible mouths.  The jars, lids and bands are readily available at supermarkets, etc.

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