Introduction: Canz Blue Tooth Speaker for Cycling

I am impressed as many others are with the versatility cost and sound of these speakers..(I bought 6 of them at Sam's for $120 total!). I wanted something that I could use while cycling without the sound being buffeted. I 3D printed a couple Canz "enclosures" that would fit nicely in a water bottle cage (last image). That which I settled on sounded the best  and  anyone can make it in 5 minutes. The overall tone and bass response is better and its amplified by about 5db. I love riding with this setup and you don't have to constantly say "On your left" along greenways as folks hear you coming. 

Basically find an old water bottle and cut a flap in the side near the bottom that will easily accomodate the Canz.. Once you pair up your Canz to your Iphone/SmartPhone place inside the water bottle and place in the bikes waterbottle cage. You'll find that you can easily position the flaps position so that the water bottle cage aids in keeping it closed....I've never had to use tape. BTW....I'm a road cyclist so if you wanna do a Mountain Bike variety that wont bounce have at it!