Introduction: Cape Verdean Outdoor Field Game: 35

Game 35 - Trinta e Cinco or thirty five is a game from Cabo Verde island in West Coast of Africa that I learned in my childhood.

All the time, rain or shine we used to go outside with group of friends, and we used to play it for as long as the sun shined that day. I remember it very vivid, in between our classes break in school when growing up, we used to go to any open field gather some objects to make up the perimeter of the game and we would then start having so much fun playing it all together.

Height, weight, age won’t matter, as long as you are able to run, or move fast. This game despite a great fun activity is also an optimum exercise activity. It promotes good health, high level of endorphin that brings happiness. This game could increase some elements of physical fitness such as agility, coordination, increase in focus capability, speed, strength and endurance.

Game 35 doesn’t require a lot, and maybe zero money to play it. You will only need some friends, an open space, and a few more stuff that I will explain in the next steps below, and voila you’re ready to play. If you want to learn it, continue reading!

Step 1: What Will You Need

In order to play the game 35 you will need:

-to be outside, preferably in a open grass, or sand field.

-to have 5 equal or similar objects to put on the ground in a rectangle shape to construct the area of the game, preferably rocks since it wont move easily and is visible. You also could use shoes or anything that you can see from a good distance.

- a small soft ball. We used to use ball made of socks which was lighter it traveled relatively faster and it wouldn't hurt anyone upon impact. I will show you how to do a ball made of socks.

-two teams - A and B - One team trowing the ball across the area with the intention of hitting the opposite team, the other team running and dodging the ball,while acquiring points adding to 35.

Step 2: Go to an Open Field

A grassy area, will make a good place to play, because it is mostly free of obstructions, and softer impact in case of someone falling on the ground.

Don't play where could be cars passing by! Since when running fast you could be distracted and focused utterly in dodging the ball.

Step 3: Gather 5 Equal Objects

We usually use rocks, since it can be found almost everywhere. They are big in size,strong so it wont move or be blown away and visible, so you can see it from a distance. When put on the ground in the corners of a rectangle shape, people can see where they are running next.

Step 4: Positioning the Teams

You will need 2 teams. Team A and Team B.

Team A:

- Position direct in front of your team mate with a certain distance from each other, as seen in the picture.

Team B:

- Pick a spot anywhere in the four point area, and position yourself ( the red dots on the picture indicates the spots you would pick. The red spots shows where your equal objects would be placed on the floor for reference).

- Once in the picked spot, run to the next spot in front of you. You can't run backwards.

Step 5: How to Play

Team A:

- Throw the ball with the intention of hitting the players for Team B so they can lose.

- Aim directly to players in Team B. Don't trow the ball so far (if you do so, your teammate have to run to get the ball way outside of the game area, that would only give Team B advantage in keep running and adding points).

- Command Team B to step inside the area rather then staying with their feet fixed on the 4 objects that forms the game area. ( If the ball hits team B while they are standing on the objects, it wont count, or make them lose, since they are safe while stepping on the objects).

Team B:

- Pick a spot anywhere in the four point area, and position yourself

- Start counting 1

-Run fast to the next mark on the floor in front of you, then count 2

- Focus in dodging the ball at all times

- Run to the next mark, count 3 and keep running and keep counting until you reach 34. Don't let the ball hit you.

- Run to the middle point after you've reached 34

- Yell 35 when you reach the middle point of the game area and you win!

The game will start all over again.

Step 6: How to Win

Team A:

- keep throwing the ball to your partner while Team B players are running

- Aim to Team B players, if you hit all of them they lose

- You win, you switch position now. Team A runs and Team B throws the ball.

Team B:

- keep running around the game area and dodge the ball

-every step on the object around the area is one point

-get to 34 points

- run to the middle of the game area and yell 35!

- you win, so Team B runs again.

Step 7: Make a Small Ball Made of Socks

A small ball made of old socks can be made easily, it is light weight, and upon impact it wont hurt. Grab old socks from different sizes. Grab the largest one and keep stuffing it with the smaller socks until it forms a spherical shape with a somewhat hard consistency. You just made yourself a sock ball.