Introduction: Captain America Stealth Suit

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For anyone looking to build a very affordable stealth suit.

Step 1: Captain America Stealth Suit

Hello all,

This is an extremely easy and very inexpensive Captain America Stealth Suit. I think the entire suit might have cost me a total of $20. Now please forgive me, I put this together in a rush, and forgot to take pictures along the way. But I'll provide all the steps I took to finish the job. I got the suit from eBay, for maybe about $10. It's an actual Air Force flight suit. There are a bunch of them for sale, and are very cheap. The tactical belt was also found on eBay for $3 as well as the tactical suspenders. I found the tactical gloves on Amazon for $5, and already had the helmet. I laid out a few layers of Frog Tape, and cut a star out of the middle and placed it on the chest. Filled in the star with metallic silver fabric paint and let dry over night, did the same for the stripes on the chest. The next day, iron both sides on low heat for 30 seconds to heat seal, and there you have it. On a side note, when you iron the suit, use an old t-shirt on top of the paint, so you don't smear it by mistake. So that's it, a very easy and affordable stealth suit. The best part about this suit is these flight suits are built to last, and once you heat seal the paint, it'll also last for years. You can even have it dry cleaned, and it won't fade. I really hope this is helpful to anyone looking to build a stealth suit, on a budget.