Introduction: MK: DIY Captain America´s Shield

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Materials: fiberglass, epoxy, body filler, silver spray paint, transparent blue and red spray paint, ABS, leather belt, rivets.

Tools: Angle grinder with cut of wheel, orbital sander, jigsaw, drill pres, multi cutter.

Step 1: Mold

Off camera I first made mold from polystyrene wich I later coated with fiberglass. Then I sprayed some WD-40 on the surface of the mold as a release agent. If I did this again I would probably use thick coat of vaseline or food foil, because I was struggling a lot to divide them.

Step 2: Base

For base I used two layers of fiberglass, one layer of fabric for thickness and again two layers of fiberglass.

After the epoxy has hardened I covered the inside of the base with bodyfiller and sanded it smooth.

Step 3: Top

Top was made using similar technique as the base, however I made it thinner.

After the epoxy has hardened I sanded outer side smooth. Then I used my self made jig for an angle grinder and rotary stand for the top and cut rings as the ones on real shield.

For the star in the middle I used multi-cutter because of its ability to make a straight cut and low thickness of the cut.

Step 4: Handles

I cut bases for handles from ABS using jigsaw. Then I drilled holes for the rivets. Last but not least I cut the grooves for the leather belt.

Step 5: Paint Job

I first painted the whole thing with coat of white primer, than coat of silver spray paint.

Then I picked part that needed to be coloured. For this I used transparent spray paint, which is usually used for tinting car lights. This provided nice and shiny metalic effect of the parts.

Step 6: Assembly

I first glued handle bases to the shield base. Then I added the leather belts attaching them with pop rivets and a little bit of glue. Next I glued rivets for handle base in pre-drilled holes.

After all of the glue had dryed I flipped the whole thing over. I started glueing the rings from the biggest, so I wold have nice and smooth edge. Notice that I marked all the pieces with tape so they would end up in same position as they were before they were cut.

As last step I applied few coats of clear lacquer. This wasn´t necessary, but it made the whole thing look more finished and shiny.

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