Introduction: Car No.05 Altered Programmed Automatic Driving Car (Yogurt Version)

This is Kaeru no Ojisan.

I have converted the Excel Simulation Program for Car Trajectory to Processing code.
In this Yogurt version, position adjustment to the starting point is omitted, and I have succeeded up to 18 rounds!

The composition of this version is same as that of Full Chocolate version.
Please refer to this for detail composition. (4 Arduinos are used.)

I only revised the Processing code.
So, I show you in this Instructables only the video of automatic driving up to 18 rounds and the Processing code for that.

Step 1: Processing Code for Car Trajectory Simulation

I have converted the Excel Simulation Program for car trajectory to Processing code.

The car trajectory can be simulated as shown below.

The attached Excel is applied in previous version of Car No.05, and I have converted this to Processing.

Processing code

This video shows the car trajectory is simulated every round.

Step 2: Processing Code for Yogurt Version

This is the Processing code for Car No.05 Yogurt Version.

Processing code

I made some adjustment for car initial position,
  G1x = float(round(xp))/1000 + 0.20;
  G1y = float(round(yp))/1000 + 0.10;

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