Card Wallet

Introduction: Card Wallet

The 3 R's. Have you ever stopped to think what this meant? Probably not. The 3 R's include: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By reducing, one is contributing less to the amount of waste that we already have. To reuse is to reuse a product for another use that it was probably not intended for. And finally, to recycle is to convert any material into a new form to reuse again. But how can one contributw by using the 3 R's? Well, ever wondered what to do with old useless playing cards that you've been planning to throw away? Well, instead of chucking them into the garbage bin, why not just make a wallet? It's easy, fast, convenient, and recycled. In this way you won't have such a big mess of cards and plus you'll be reusing something and therefore you won't be hurting the environment. Do you want to hurt the environment? Yeah, didn't think so.

Step 1: Materials

Firstly, you're gonna need some materials.
-7 playing cards (about the same size)
-tape (preferably packing tape)

Step 2: Arrange and Tape the Cards

Arrange the 6 cards (I used UNO and regular playing cards for this) into a 3x2 rectangle, and leave at least 1/4 of an inch between the top and bottom row. Tape each row of cards together.

Step 3: Connecting the Two Rows

Once you've got 2 rows of three cards taped together, tape the two rows together, but leave a little space between the rows while doing so (otherwise if the space is too small, your money won't fit). Afterwards, turn it around and tape up any exposed tape from the front.

Step 4: Fold and Tape Together

Now, once you got the rows tape, fold it so that the card's faces show on the outside. Keep in folded for about 2 minutes before letting go. Once it seems to hold its shape, tape the two sides while leaving the top open.

Step 5: Pre-Pocket Wallet

After taping, you should have something looking like this...It's basically complete, but fold it like you would fold a normal wallet to make sure it holds that shape.

Step 6: Pockets!

Lastly, pockets are needed in order to hold your cards and such in the wallet. Take another playing card and cut about 1/4 of it off (long-ways). Place it so the edges match up with one flap of the wallet. Finally, tape the pocket to the bottom and to the inside, but don't completely shut the wallet.

Step 7: Fin

And Voila! There's your wallet. It's such a great and convenient thing to make. Not only will you be reusing your useless items into something new, but you're making an item that can be durable and convenient. Change it up a little by substituting the type of cards (Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, etc.), the type of tape, and the number of pockets. Additionally, you can use 4 cards for esch row if you prefer your wallet to be a bit longer. Thanks for checking it out!

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