Introduction: CardBoard Secure, a Really Complex Strongbox for Beginner

Everything you can image for keep safe your secrets and learn to develop application and work with the better hardware for maker!

Step 1: A Smart Strongbox


  • Autmatic password generator, one at minute if you want
  • New password on your smartphone trought push notification, thanks to Pushetta system (google it)
  • Alert on wrong password attempt and sensors
  • Cloud monitoring system of each sensor, thanks to Ubidots free trial
  • Really personalizable with other sensor
  • No, it's a joke, the board it's funcking full
  • Unlock your secure with a simple android application
  • A good start point for everyone wants to learn a new fanstastica programming lenguage, Python!
  • The enteire strongbox 'firmware' it's written in python (you need the latest image for your edison board)
  • The android app too! only Python! (you need QPython emulator from Play Store)
  • You can realize it with everything tou find around you! (a lot of tape sure)

Step 2: Looks Greate Form the Outside!

We have spent a lot of time on the design! (yeah a lot of tape)

Step 3: So Ugly on the Top and the Inside XD

We promise to upgrade the links between the compnents ASAP!

Step 4: My Code, Free for You!

Because I would never be able to complete this project without the help of the people who first shared freely their code on the internet, on this and many other sites

Run on your smartphone and on the board

you need to sped a half hour to install the dependencies, but it's not like climb a mountain, go ;)

We will reorganize the software in a better way with comments ASAP

Step 5: Links

Be careful:

  • Accelerometer on the first I2C, on the left
  • Tocuh sensor - Analog1
  • Temperature sensor - A3
  • Buzzer - Digital5
  • Light sensor - A0
  • Led R,G and B - 7,2 and 6
  • Stepper driver - 8 9 10 11
  • Button - D3
  • Sound sensor - A3
  • LCD - on the second I2C
  • Relay (for a bigger led in my project) - D4, and Vin to a 12V source
  • Rotary Encoder - 13 and 12

Each sensor and output device need current source also, GND and 5V

you can find all information and example code for every componets on the official website