Cardboard Boat: Lady Nighthawks

Introduction: Cardboard Boat: Lady Nighthawks

Elizabeth Durall
Lucy Bayley
Iliana Torres

Step 1: First Step to Building Cardboard Boat With Duct Tape

Buy 2 boxes from Home Depot and cut them with a box cutter so that they are layed out as a sheet of cardboard.

Step 2: Second Step to Building Cardboard Boat

Take a box-cutter and cut the tops and bottoms about 3 inches so that you can see clearly in front of you and behind you

Step 3: Third Step of Building Cardboard Boay

Layout the cut pieces of cardboard. Put the thick layout of cardboard on the bottom of the boat for more support and the less thick piece of cardboard on top and duct tape and structure the two pieces together

Step 4: Fourth Step of Building Cardboard Boat

After you structure the boat duct tape the bottom and sides of the boat with 1-2 layers of tape because it acts as a waterproof element for your boat

Step 5: Last Step of Building Cardboard Boat

After you have finish duct taping every side of the boat. Come up with a theme for your boat. Ours is Lady Nighthawks and secure it onto the front of the boat so everyone sees it. Then you've got yourself a boat!

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    4 years ago

    Your boat turned out looking great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!