Cardboard Book

Introduction: Cardboard Book

My intention was to create a cardboard book with a safe to hold stuff

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

. Pair of scissors

. Duct Tape and hot glue gun

. Large pieces of cardboard scrap

. A book to use for measurements

. Ruler

Step 2: Getting the Pieces

The book you choose and use the ruler to figure out the length of the spine and front and back covers of the book then copy to the cardboard then cut the pieces out. For my book the cover pages were 8 by 12 inches and the spine is 2 by 12 inch

Step 3: Step 3 Getting Together

Get some duct tape and use 2 two 12 inch long pieces to connect the cover to the spine although you can use a glue gun if you prefer.

Step 4: Pieces for Safe

Cut two 5 inch by 1 pieces of cardboard along with one 9 by 1 piece

Step 5: Making the Safe

Glue those pieces together into a partial rectangle

Step 6: Finished Project

This is my finished project it’s my first time making one of these but it was an enjoyable experience and I welcome any advice that someone has to offer.

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