Introduction: Cardboard Box Water Ballon Prank(super Simple)

Super simple prank with cardboard boxes

Follow these steps and you would have it done in no time


TIP build it a bit messy (it makes it seem less serious :D )

Step 1: Tools & Materials



-x-acto knife

-hot glue gun


-cardboard box


-small pin


Step 2: Cutting Your Button

Cut a cardboard box into 22cm*7cm

Cut halfway in the middle to make a folding line.

Step 3: Cutting a Hole

Draw a circle on the top part be sure to make it 1.7cm in diameter (make it a bit smaller than your ballon's diameter)

Cut it out with your knife (SAFTY FIRST WEAR GOGGLES!)

Step 4: Stick in Your Ballon and Pin

Fill your ballon full with water(I demonstrated with confetti)

Tie your ballon and put it in the hole you cut out

Stick in your pin 0.5cm higher than the ballon(Make sure it doesn't touch the ballon)

Step 5: Hot Glue

Hot glue the ballon on the card board

Fold the cardboard into half and hot glue it together creating a button

Step 6: The Trigger Message

Write a trigger message like "Don't ever press"

Use the opposite effect to pull the prank!

Step 7: Make the Box

Cut out a hole slightly bigger than your button(To make water flow out)

Write your message inside the box

Step 8: Assemble Button and the Box

Assemble the button and the box(Again make sure the ballon doesn't pop)

Leave a small gap under the button(The water would spill out of there when it pops)

Step 9: FINISH

Put on someones desk or the front porch