Introduction: Cardboard Bunny House

Rabbits get bored very easily and there aren't a lot of toys available for them. Here I will talk about my process making this bunny play home out of cardboard and twine. Rabbits can not eat hot glue or tape, hence why I will use twine to bind together the pieces of the house.

Items used:

  1. (1) roll of jute twine
  2. (2) large cardboard boxes
  3. pencil for sketching
  4. marker
  5. boxcutter or x-acto knife
  6. self-healing board
  7. scissor
  8. elmer's washable glue

Step 1: Sketch a Design.

I sketched a few different designs, but this is the one I went with, measurements included.

Step 2: Take Off Any Tape.

Tape is plastic and those can be harmful to rabbits if ingested.

Step 3: Label Your Sides of the Box.

In order to avoid confusion, label the sides of the box.

Step 4: Draw Your Design.

For the windows, they are drawn 5" x 5" and the door is 6" x 6". I got these measurements from measuring how wide and tall my rabbits were. Don't forget to draw a line where you would like to put your second floor.

Step 5: Cut Out.

Cut out the shapes according to the design. I am using an x-acto knife and a self-healing mat to make sure I don't cut the cardboard underneath. Then I stood the box up and cut again, to make sure I cut all the way through the box (it's thicker than I expected).

Step 6: Cut Out the Second Floor.

I cut open the box to get a flat piece of cardboard. Then I draw what I will cut out the second floor layout. Do not forget to cut out a square in the corner so that the bunnies can jump through it. Also keep in mind that there is a 1 inch slab on each side that will be used to hold up the piece of cardboard.

Step 7: Building the Second Floor

To strengthen my second floor, I am layering two pieces of cardboard on top of each other and marking where I will put holes. Later I will string twine in through the holes to hold my two pieces of cardboard together.

Step 8: String in the Twine.

Pierce your holes and string in the twine. This step is quite time-consuming and tedious. It will take a few hours to finish all of it, especially if the cardboard is thick. Using a tweezer will help pull the strong through the small holes.

Step 9: Create Your Slabs.

Cut through the cardboard to create your slabs. Be careful not to cut all the way through because you want it intact. You only need to cut it so that the thick cardboard will fold.

Step 10: Line Up Your Holes and String in Your Twine to the Main Box.

Put in your second floor and line up to the line you first drew. Match up the holes on the slab to holes on your main house. Then you will string in the twine and the result should look like so.

Step 11: (optional) Use Twine to Decorate.

To add some extra design, lay Elmer's glue on the door and window and place precisely cut pieces of twine. (This step is also very tedious and time consuming)

Step 12: Close the Top of the Box.

Cut out the bottom of the box so you won't have a floor. As for the top, cut 4 little holes to fit two pieces of twine through. Tie the top of the box together in a simple knot, so you can open it and close it.

Step 13: Let the Buns Test Out the House.

They were extremely excited. They watched me the whole time I made it and couldn't wait to try it out.