Introduction: Cardboard Champagne Coolbox

This is a champagne cardboard cooling box.

You can fill it up with water and ice to cool some champagne and other drinks.

In the box there is a LED - light system ( waterproof ) to let the water look fancy.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

- champagne cardboard box

- lid of a shoe box

- liquid rubber

- silicone

- small paint brush

- paint roller

- PE - gloves

- RGB waterproof LED - strip 12 V

- transparent shrink tube, lighter

- battery ( 9 V ) and connector and switch, electrical wires

- soldering iron, solder tin

- pliers

- 2 - sided tape

- superglue

Step 2: Making the Box Waterproof

- Paint the box with liquid rubber on the inside with the paint roller and paint brush.

- Paint 3 layers of rubber on it.

- whait 24 h for each layer.

Step 3: Fill in the Gaps

- Take some construction silicone and fill in all the gaps and edges of the box, where water can go through.

- After this let it dry for 24 h.

Step 4: Soldering the RGB - Ledstrip

What do you need?

- shrink tube for the wires

- battery

- 3 channel switch

- battery connector

Follow the image of the electrical circuit to solder the wires on the perfect place.

With the 3 - channel switch you can choose different collors to shine.

Step 5: Making the Led Strip Waterproof

- Take the led strip and slide it through the transparent shrink tube.

- If you want to do it fast and easy, take a string attached to the end of the LED strip and pull the LED strip through the shrink tube.

- Heat up the shrink tube at the ends to seal it.

- place some strokes of 2 - sided tape on to the led strip and put it diagonal in the box.

Step 6: The Finish

- Take a lid of a shou box en lay it beneeth the box.

- Attach the circuit with superglue in the open area between the box and the edge of de lid.

Step 7: The Result