Introduction: Cardboard Duct Tape Boat

These instructions will guide you in creating a boat that can be used in water! and even fit a human!

Tools you will need:


- Box Cutters

-Ruler/Meter Stick

-Paint Brushes

Materials you will need:

-Wood Glue (1 Bottle)

-Duct Tape (6-9 Rolls)

-Latex Paint (Blue, Brown and Green)

- Cardboard (LOTS OF IT)

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard Outline

First get your cardboard and box cutters. We did two layers of cardboard, but you could do 1 or 3 if you want. You will be cutting 6 different pieces. Start with cutting the base first so you have something to make sure your measurements line up. The base will have a width of 82cm and a total height of 167cm. The triangle at the top has a base of 82cm and the height will be 60cm. Once you get the base down now you can start with the walls

Start off with (WALL 2) next. It has a height of 82cm and 107cm. Once again do two layers. When your down with that place it next your boat and see if it lines up. If you are doing 2 layers you will need to cut this piece 4 times.

Next (WALL 4). This is the back wall. It has a height 82cm and a width of 82cm. If you're doing two layers, you will need to cut this piece twice. Once your done check if it lines up.

Finally your last wall (WALL 3) These pieces go up at the front and have a height of 82cm and a width of 60cm. If you're doing two layers cut this piece four times. After you cut see if it lines up.

Step 2: Duct Tape Pieces to Base + Wood Glue

Next we duct taped the edges of the walls to the base. But first you need to glue the two layers you cut earlier together. Take the wood glue and apply to the inside of the cardboard. Let it sit for 30+ minutes before you start taping. Once you wait you're good! If you look at the picture above, the highlighted areas are where we first added duct tape. Make sure you get the front and back, so leaks of water do not come in.

Step 3: Fold Up the Edges

Once you have the edges duct taped to the boat. Fold them over and duct tape them to each other. It works best if you have more than 1 person doing this. So one person can tape and another can hold the walls together. Make sure there are no gaps when taping the pieces together. After you do that, cover the whole boat in duct tape, the inside and the outside!!! We did 2-3 layers of duct tape on the whole boat to make sure it was water proof!

Step 4: Paint

Once you have the tape how you like..its time to paint. Take the latex paint and do whatever design you want. On our boat we did a Volcano/Hawaiian theme. It took the boat about 8+ hours to completely dry.If you have extra paint you can also paint the inside. We did not however!

Step 5: DONE!

Now you're done! Take your boat to the pool and see if it works!!! Good Luck!!