Easy Cardboard Pinball Machine

Introduction: Easy Cardboard Pinball Machine

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Hello this is my first time making an Instuctables project. This is a good project to make and it is really fun! I hope you enjoy making the Cardboard Pinball Machine because I did as well. I have made a Sonic Theme for the Pinball Machine as I love computer games.


What you need is:

⭐ Lots Of Cardboard

⭐ 2 Unused Pencils

⭐ Skewers

⭐ Hot Glue

⭐ Super Glue

⭐ Rubber Bands

⭐ Scissors

⭐ A knife

⭐ Hole Punch

⭐ Marbles

⭐ 1cm by 1cm by 50cm piece of wood

⭐ Screwdriver

⭐Ice Pole Sticks

Step 1: Step 1: Start With the Base of the Pinball Machine

You will need to get a cardboard box. During the first step you will be making the two biggest pieces of the pinball machine. Cut the box into the pinball base shape that you want (pictured on the right above) and then make the play field (pictured on the left) with a clean flat surface with a bit of cardboard on the sides. Make two holes on the side of the play field. This will allow you to install the buttons to move the flippers. Use a pencil to make two holes on the play field to put the flippers in. Add a big hole between those two holes where the flippers are going to be - this is where the marbles will go if they pass the flippers. Cut two holes in the base of the pinball machine - to line up with the holes you made in the play field for the flippers.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Flippers and the Button

You will need to make 2 pinball flippers out of cardboard. Cut out the shape of the flipper and punch a hole into the shape (this is where the pencil will fit through that will fix the flipper to mechanism that will move it). Repeat this process and stack the shapes on top of each other until you get up to a width of 2 cm. Do not hole punch the top layer of the flipper. Then you need to make a rectangle shape out of cardboard (far right picture above). The flipper will connect to this rectangular piece. It needs to be 2 cm wide and 7 cm long. Hole punch one side of the rectangle shape, keep doing that and stack them all up until you get 2 cm high. Hot glue them all. Get a skewer and stick it on the opposite side of where the flipper will go. Get the piece of wood and screw drive a hole in the middle of it and then cut it. You must have a height of 3 cm. Super glue the wood and the rectangle shape. Get a pencil and cut the pencil with a height of 4 cm. Super glue the pencil and the flipper. Put the flipper in the play field's hole. Super glue the flipper and the rectangle shape. [THEN REPEAT AGAIN UNTIL YOU GET TWO FLIPPERS IN THE PLAY FIELD]


If this is confusing, see the first picture and you will have a better idea of it.

Step 3: Step: 3 Making the Flippers Move --->

You will need to tape the flippers together where you want the flippers to start before flipping. You need to make the button, make another rectangle shape with cardboard and make it 12 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. Make a square shape out of cardboard and make it 5.5 cm long and 5.5 wide. Hot glue the square shape and rectangle prism together. [REPEAT TO GET TWO BUTTONS]

Now you need to make a box with two holes for the button to go through. [Cut an ice pole stick in half and hot glue it to the box for the buttons to go through. [DO THIS AGAIN]. You must put a lot of hot glue on the ice pole stick because there will be lots of tension from the rubber band pulling it. Now you need to put two rubber bands around the wood and the ice pole sticks. Put the buttons into the box and if you press the button the flippers should work. If it doesn't work ask me!

Step 4: Step 4: Working on the Plunger

You need a piece of cardboard and it needs to be 18 cm long and 4 wide. You need to make two of these and put one horizontal and one vertical. Cut a rectangle hole in the plunger. You will need an ice pole stick and break it into two. Hot glue the sticks on each side. Get another cardboard piece and get a pencil to roll up into a cylinder. Hot glue the cylinder and quickly take the pencil out. Use a knife to make a straight hole. Snap another ice pole stick in half and only take one half. Put it in the straight hole and hot glue it. Get two rubber bands and put it on the ice pole sticks. Make a hole in the front of the rubber bands to put the marble in.

Step 5: Step 5: Adding Obstacles!

Adding Obstacles is the main thing with Pinball.

I added bumpers, rails, ramps, a swivel piece which goes one way and the other way and a multi ball. You can use these for your obstacles.

Step 6: Thank You

If you want to see a video of the Cardboard Pinball Machine Go.... here --> https://www.instagram.com/p/B-dXt-VppgI/

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