Cardboard Plate Gauntlet Lvl 2

Introduction: Cardboard Plate Gauntlet Lvl 2

About: I am a cardboard blacksmith, hard at work making armor and accessories. Skyrim, Sword Art Online, and Lord of the Rings all the way. If there is anything you'd like to see me make, I'd love the challenge!

An upgrade from Lvl 1

Step 1: Materials

Lvl 1 Gauntlets



Brass fasteners

Duct tape

Step 2: Starting the Fingers.

Begin by cutting 10 small pentagons. One for each finger.

Color them.

Poke two holes in each, and place a brass fastener through each hole.

Carefully push each fastener through one layer of the glove, and open them, thus attaching them to the glove.

Don the glove, them wrap a thin strip of tape around the base of each piece, making sure you can still take off the glove.

Step 3: The Cuff.

Cut a piece of cardboard the size you want for your cuff. Roll it up to give it a bending look.

Make small cuts in the end of the cuff, and fold them up.

Tape them up by rolling a piece of tape carefully over them while up.

Poke a hole in each corner of the cuff and push a brass fastener through it.

Attach to the glove in the same way you did the fingers.

Step 4: Adding the String.

Tie a slip knot in one end of the string.

Slip the knot over the other end of the string, and slide it over the cuff.

Open a brass fastener as shown, and close it over the string.

Poke a hole in the middle of the cuff, and push the fastener through it.

This will allow you to tighten the cuff as needed.

Step 5: Finnish

You can continue by adding more finger pieces.

Sincerely yours


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