Carpeted Skateboard

Introduction: Carpeted Skateboard

I saw someone with a shag carpet skateboard at the instructables Bay Area recently. I thought it was pretty cool so I made my own. It's pretty fun and really comfy. Enjoy!
What you'll need:
I used free carpet samples from Home Depot make sure you have enough to cover your entire board
Old sleeping pad to add extra more comfor
t Razor/ carpet cutter
Hot glue gun
Donor skateboard (from my previous instructable)(ignore the awful grip tape)

Step 1: Sleeping Pad

Lay the sleeping pad on the board and mark the approximate dimensions of it. then lay it on the ground an cut out the rough dimensions of your board

Step 2: Sleeping Pad Glueing

Now, you'll want to put hot glue on the very nose of your board and put the pad down. Lift up the pad so the only part touching the board is the part that was glued on. Put hot glue behind that then roll the pad down. Continue down the board until you have covered the whole board with the pad

Step 3: Cutting Sleeping Pad

Next, you'll want to take your razor blade and carefully cut around the edge of the sleeping pad, tracing your board shape. Make sure to take your time so your edges don't turn out as rough as mine

Step 4: Carpeting

Now your going to want to figure out where the carpet squares are going to go. I chose different colored acquires so I tried to do a gradient. After you have them layer out, hot glue on the back and set them down. You'll want them to be snug next to each other, and don't worry about them hanging off the edge in this step

Step 5: Carpeting Part 2

Now you'll use your razor blade and cut around the edges to make sure there isn't any carpet hanging off. What I did was take the scraps and glue those on on the nose and tail of the board

Step 6: Hot Glue

Next, go around the edge of the board and stick hot glue in any gaps and seams you see. Use a lot, as this is important in making sure that the carpet doesn't start coming up.

Step 7: Finishing

Now you have successfully completed your board. Have fun riding it in bare feet but beware. First off pushing off can hurt on a rough surface and you have to make sure to have some means of slowing down/stopping. Another thing is sanitation. I've been vacuuming mine and spraying it with disinfecting spray. If its not obvious, don't rid it in dirty or wet conditions. I hope you enjoyed this and have fun making your own

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