Introduction: Carry ME

Hello, I am John Aldrin M. Urbi from Tech X, and this is how you make a phone case with a power bank compartment.

Step 1: From a Piece of Leather

Trace the phone on the leather then cut it with a cutter or scissors. Repeat to have 2 pieces of leather

Step 2: Screen

Create a hole in the middle of one of the pieces of leather for the screen

Step 3: Creating the Phone Case

Apply white glue or rugby to the edges of the piece of leather and then stick the two pieces of leather together but leave a hole where you can insert the phone

Step 4: Phone Case

There you go. You now have a phone case

Step 5: Powerbank Compartment

Get a piece of leather then make the edges even. Put Velcro so that you can seal the compartment and even make it adjustable

Step 6: To Stick Them Together

Put Velcro on both phone and powerbank case so that you can stick them together, creating a detachable case

Step 7: Tada, You're Done

Congratulations, now you have your own personalized phone case with power bank compartment