Carving a Pumpkin the Fun Way!

Introduction: Carving a Pumpkin the Fun Way!

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Learn all about how to carve a pumpkin with some power and hand tools.

Step 1: Using Some Tools on the Pumpkin

You can play a lot here. As long as you are careful and protect your eyes, using hand and power tools can be really fun.

Chisels and hand saws work really well on a pumpkin. The saw especially works well to cut the pumpkin. I also found that a spade bit in your drill is not a great idea. Unless you want the pumpkin everywhere use a forstner bit. As a bonus it makes little curls of the pumpkin.

One thing that worked really well was the paint scraper. The angle and sharp cutting edge make quick work out of the interior seeds and pulp.

Probably my favorite thing was too add a little light in the end with the fire starter I made from beeswax. That video is available here:

Just remember to have fun and be safe. There are lots more tools to use, send me a link if anyone decides to video their process!

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    Oh, what a great excuse to take some serious tools to the two pumpkins sitting on my counter! I am thinking a jigsaw might be good and I love the way you did the dots with the drill - on my list now! I think I will pass on the firestarter, although I will say the effect is grand!