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In the continuation of Halloween cookies, as promised, here is the tutorial on skull carving.

This time you can make some cookies shaped like a skull. Small skull, but still lovely.

As well as a pumpkin carving, it took us an hour or so.

So let's get started.


You'll need:

- some wood (basswood recommended)

- some tools (one whittling knife, one gouge, and v-parting chisel)

- carbon paper

- pencil

- regular paper

- jigsaw

Step 1: Drawing Part

Let's draw the skull as it will look like with the carbon paper. Also, draw a frame with the ruler.

Step 2: Now With the Help of Knife Start Removing Wood

Detail whittling knife would help you out in marking the spots where we're going to remove some wood out of the skull's face. Just follow the lines drawn by you before.

Step 3: Take a Gouge to Get Rid of Wood

My hubby usually keeps working with BeaverCraft tools, as this time he took the gouge to remove some wood. We should work out a skull's face to be in relief.

Step 4: Keep Going With the V-parting Chisel

In order to reach some hard to get spots, we'll take the other chisel, called v-parting tool. Teeth zone seems to be not that easy to work with. So be patient, do your best in this.

Step 5: Dangerous Part With the Jigsaw

Now we need to get our skull out of wood in order to work with some dough. Please be careful, it's easy to get hurt by the jigsaw. Or you can leave it as it is and attach some dough to the surface later.

Step 6: Happy Ending

Here we are ready to make some cookies. Choose your recipe and do some dough to enjoy cookies this evening.

Step 7: Final Result in the Autumn Sun Shining

I hope you enjoyed the instructable and will do some skull-shaped cookies.

As for the tools simply click the attached links in the tutorial.

As for the instructions, hope you find those useful.

In case if you have any questions, feel free to message me here anytime.

I will do my best to help you out.



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