Cascada San Rafael Te Prometo Ecuador

Introduction: Cascada San Rafael Te Prometo Ecuador

This a project from my technology class that has contributed to the "Te Prometo Ecuador" campaign to encourage national tourism in our country Ecuador, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic Ecuador's economy is decreasing, so we, the citizens, need to help restore the economy from the Pandemic crisis by visiting and get to know Ecuador instead of going to the foreign countries start to know ours first because there is a lot we don't know about our beautiful Ecuador. I decided to recreate the San Rafael waterfall because I always wanted to go to the Amazon and be surrounded by nature, plants, and animals. Everything is so peaceful.





Code QR

Tree shapes


Step 1: Create the Waterfall

You will need to use the scribble to create a waterfall, you just need to do a random shape to create it , then just copy it and paste it next to the original, do that another 3 times and then select all the shapes an group them, finally modify it by expanding it upwards

Step 2: Create the Pond

You will need the scribble to do a random shape on the ground and make it seem like the water is expanding, you can make more than one shape and also try to do it in a circular shape. When you finish creating the water you will need to add an aro and expand the aro upwards to make it look like the water is falling in a huge pond.

Step 3: Create Mountains

You will need the paraboloid, start adding them around the waterfall and around the pond. change the color to green and then add white paraboloids on the top of the mountains to simulate snow.

Step 4: Create the Land

You will use the code QR to make the land, modify it and expand it upwards, to the sides and backward, then put it on the back of the mountains and down the waterfall to make the simulation that the waterfall comes from the river and the land.

Step 5: Create the Trees

Search for the trees on tinkercad and add them on top of the land

Step 6: Create the Sun

Finally, take a sphere change the color to yellow and put it on top of everything, by selecting it and take the cone that appears on the top of it and take the sphere upwards

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