Introduction: Cast Metal Bookmark Using a Clay Mould

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Having never tried my hand at metal casting I thought I would have a go.

I decided to try first on a small project to minimise expense.

Most of the "ingredients" I had lying around the place, the end result, while not perfect is, I think, a good start and I will use it as a learning experience -- ie watch this space for something more ambitious

Step 1: The Moulds (or Molds If You Are American!)

I used some modelling clay that (allegedly) sets in air without baking

I pressed in a small model of a dolphin to leave an impression, I then cleaned the impression up as needed with a small craft knife. (I also made a shark shaped one but more of that later)

You know I said that the clay air dries, well it doesn't so I baked it for an hour at 100C

Step 2: The Bookmarky Bit (OK I Don't Know What You Call It!!)

So I cut a few pieces of scrap stainless steel into triangles and bopped (technical term that!) a few holes in it for purely aesthetic reasons, and polished them up a bit

Step 3: Casting A.k.a What Could Possibly Go Wrong!

So I gathered the bits I needed.

The moulds

the bookmarky bit (still don't know what to call it)

some lead free plumbers solder

a Butane torch and a lighter

I melted it on a ceramic tile to protect the table surface

Step 4: Popped Them Out of the Mould

They look a bit rough (and tbh the shark looks nothing like a shark!) but we can fix that

"Igor - fetch the Dremel"

Step 5: A Little Bit of Dremelizing

So attacked with the dremel to shape and polish a bit

The shark has become a cod, or a pirahna or something but the dolphin is still dolphiny

Time to try something bigger and put the lessons I have learnt to good use

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