Introduction: Cat Bed+Scratching Post!

This is a pretty basic scratching post/ cat bad structure. Three things are included in it: cat bed shoebox, cardboard cat scratching post, and handmade chopstick-string cat toy.

All you will need is:

- A cardboard scratching block

- 2 long wooden blocks

- A flat piece of plywood

- 1 shoebox

- 1 chopstick

- A piece of string about 1' long

- Scissors

- Drill

- Screws

- Hot Glue Gun + Sticks

- Pillow

Step 1: Bottom Supports

Cut 2 identical wooden poles how long your desired cat scratching block is. (not including bed)

Step 2: Attach the Poles to Headboard

Fasten the supports to a flat piece of wood as long as your desired scratching block is. Then screw a base of plexiglass to the bottom supports. (Plexiglass bit optional)

Step 3: Bed Base

Screw or fasten a shoebox to the other end of the poles.

Step 4:

Put a pillow into the shoebox. This will make the bed.

Step 5: Create Scratching Bed

Hot glue the cardboard scratching post to the plexiglass or wooden lower beams.

Step 6: You're Done!

Thanks for completing this cat bed! Painting is a great way to finish it off, but of course that is optional.

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