Introduction: Cat Castle (very Quick and Easy)

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I have bought a cat house to put in my garden for my kitty Enya from an on line European store. It came with two big boxes.

Today it was rainy (......again.....), so Enya couldn't go out in the garden: I decided to make her a "cat castle" to play inside. It came out more a condominium, it's not perfect and neat, but it's quick and easy done.

Of course if you can spend more time doing this, you can do cleaner cuts, you won't use tape so you can paint it, etc. And of course you can use different types of boxes.

Step 1: Material

You'll need:

  • boxes
  • tape
  • cutter
  • scissors
  • one or two weights

Step 2: Wedge in the Boxes

Open the bigger box, but do not cut it.

Cut the cover of the littler box, then put it in the bigger and cut it so that it will make two floors. I did the first floor so that it was as big as the box and the second floor is sticking out to do a balcony.

Step 3: Tape and Pillars

The first idea was to use glue and laces, but it was too long and

today I didn't have a lot of time, so I used adhesive tape. I put tape everywhere the cardboards had to be kept together. Not elegant but quick :D

You can add some pillar using folded cardboard to gave the floors more solidity.

Cut the hatches in the floors (at least one per floor) before the next step. You may want to add a ladder or a slope, but I've notice that Enya doesn't use it.

Step 4: Balcony

Cut the "wings" of the bigger box just under the balcony and fold then under the floor of the balcony. They will support the floor so you don't have to put pillar for this one. Watch out not to close the hatch with the floded wings. In this case, just cut the wing.

Step 5: Close the Box

Close the upper wing so that it lays on the balcony. Close and fasten it with tape then cut a door.

Put some tape where you think it will be useful, for example to close the wings on the front or to keep the floors in place.

Step 6: Doors and Windows

Add doors and windows and decorations as you want and like.

Put some weight in the "basament" to stable the house or block it to prevent it to fall when the cat goes in.

Step 7: Give It to Your Cat >^.^<

Let her/him play :)

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