Introduction: Cat and Mouse Fridge Magnet

Here is an irresistible refrigerator magnet that will take minutes to create on a laser cutter.

Step 1:

This refrigerator magnet was cut out of a scrap piece of .188 plywood. You have to be very careful not to lose the mouse through the grid. Cut out the cat and mouse as shown above using the file that is included.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

The cat was painted with normal black spray paint.

The mouse was painted with watercolour crayons.

The mouse was attached to the cat with a slim piece of popsicle stick piece of wood that was hot glued in place attaching the mouse where the tail would have been and the cat where the mouth would be.

The mouse could also be attached with a leather thong, or cord using the hot glue gun.

An earth magnet was attached to the back with the hot glue gun. I am sure that the kind of magnet sold in the dollar store would suffice.