Catapult Swing

Introduction: Catapult Swing

In this project

you make a lightweight swing that you can easily take with you anywhere you go.

The swing has the shape of a catapult and you can use the catapult to attach the swing.

For this project you need the following:

- Two ropes, one strong enough to carry your bodyweight (like polypropylene) and a second lightweight rope.

- A solid wooden plank (e.g. a plank from a euro pallet) with minimum dimensions of 70cm x 120cm x 3cm.

- A tennis-ball

- A Screw-threat (M8) with matching nuts with a round (see picture)

- A puller

- A drill

- A jig saw

- Wrenches

- Wood glue

- 2 little planks (5cm x 13 cm x 1,5 cm)

Step 1: Materials.

Step 2: Draw the Measurements on the Wooden Plank.

Step 3: Saw & Sandpaper the Planks.

Saw the plank at the marked lines and sandpaper the planks.

Step 4: Glue the Pieces of the V-shape.

Step 5: Cut Out the Hinges.

In this step, you cut out the hinges (1cm x 3cm for

each cut). Start cutting from the middle of the V-shape so the V-shape cannot break. After cutting out this, you see witch pieces you have to cut out of the stem.

Step 6: Drill.

Drill two

25mm holes in the V-shape at 4 cm from the top in the middle of the plank (3,5 cm of both sides). Then drill a hole in the stem on the side on 8 cm of the bottom with the wide of your string.

Step 7: Saw the Corner.

Saw over a little piece at one of the two corners

of the stem so the V-shape and the stem can sandwiching.

Step 8: Drill the Hinge.

Step 9: Puller.

Attach the puller to the V-shape in the two holes.

The swing is ready.

Step 10: The 'bullet'.

Make a little

hole in a tennis-ball (use a knife) and put a string through the hole.

Attach the ´swing rope´ to the string so you can pull it over a branch.

Step 11: Suspention.

For the suspension, take 2 wooden planks with 3 holes (in order to change the height of the swing).

Take two little planks of 5 cm x 13 cm with a thickness of 1,5 cm.

Drill 2 holes in the middle at 2 cm of both sides, make a third hole in the middle at 3,5 cm of one of the holes.

Do this for both planks.

Step 12: Installation.

Shoot the tennis ball, with the catapult, over a sturdy branch .

Insert the strong cord through the stem of the swing.

Connect the two ends of the strong cord to the string with the tennis ball.

Attach each end of the rope to one of the small wooden planks as shown in the picture.

Stab the other end through the ring of the hinge and attach it to the shelf.

Step 13: Movie of the Installation

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    Nice, looks like so much fun to use! Must be interesting having a teacher to tell you to use instructables. Hope we see more projects from you after your assignment is done!