Catering Rice Horse Trailer




Introduction: Catering Rice Horse Trailer

I Bought an Old Rice horse trailer and Have converted it to A Fully fitted Kitchen trying to keep it as sustainable as possible!

Step 1: Stripped Everything

I first stripped everything at a farm, unfortunately I forgot to take photos until i got it home. I jet washed the trailer, ripped out all of the wooden floor, removed all the padding etc. but left the Jockey seat at the front as this might be handy.

I then sanded everything down Using All my tools pretty much from sanders to angle grinder wire wheels.

Then Repainted it all in Hammerite Black on the outside White on the inside. Then Layed a Marine ply floor and using Professional kitchen Flooring I layed it to go up the wall to make cleaning easier.

Step 2: Built the Serving Hatch

For The front Facing Hatch I wanted a Bar to serve from:

I built the frame taking into account the slope of the Ramp it will sit on. Using my Mitre saw and glued and screwed it together.

I then added pallet wood all up the front and started sanding before deciding I wanted Blackboards.

So had to remove the central pallets and added a lip above each blackboard space with another piece of wood to fit LED strips into.

For the top I just cut the boards at 45s inside to give the L shape and rounded the outside corners with my angle grinder and sander attachment.

Sanded it all down and applied lots of satin varnish to finish it.

Then marine Ply boards painted with blackboard paint were secured behind the pallets.

Step 3: The Smoker and Cuboard

I cut the top off and old school locker, sanded it and painted it black

Then used L bar to make a wall frame for it and Mounted it to the wall with enough room for my smoker behind it.

This is where my vertical smoker will sit.

Step 4: The Sinks and Water

I built a frame to hold my sinks and hand wash unit.

Using some stainless I had already, I bent and cut it to shape using and angle grinder and mallets with wood to get the edges.

I installed onto this my 12v hand wash unit as well as a 230v wall kettle for boiling water.

The shelf was made using some old futon slats I had lying around.

Installed the waste to run to a container

Step 5: Wiring

I attached a 13 amp socket to the outside of the vehicle, ran this to a fuse box and ran two loops one to charge the 12V, and one to power the sockets, which run under the trailer to the far side to provide equipment plugs.

For the 12V I used 4x4 12 V lamps on the roof , my 12V hand wash and board lighting run to a marine switch panel with usb and cig lighter. Then to a leisure battery with a 12V trickle charger to charge whenever I have Power.

I had an electrician help and check my electrics.

Step 6: Added Equipment

I then added A professional fridge and stainless steel work tops.

Using Large washers and bolts I bolted stainless steel Ikea shelving into the trailer

and added my BBQ

Step 7: Finishing

I am always adding bits and pieces, and will do some updates when I get more Pics.

I am in the process of adding aluminum checker plate to the two doors and have refinished the rear doors. I also have to add my new LED Towing lights and to fit a 12V water pump to pump water- I will up date as I do them.

Step 8:

Step 9:

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    Question 1 year ago

    Hi, are you still using this trailer?


    Answer 1 year ago

    Yea, it's still going strong,


    Question 1 year ago on Step 7

    Did you replace the old tow hitch? Just bought one of these, and looks like the brakes and tow hitch may need replacing


    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    Hi im looking into doing something similar to this.
    Do you have any advice on what to do, and if you could change anything what would it be?
    Thanks Gwenllian


    Question 2 years ago on Step 7

    Hi, your trailer looks great! My husband is doing the same thing. We have just started ripping ours out. May I ask if the hammerite paint you used was applied by spray or brush. Thanks


    Question 2 years ago


    How much for the materials?

    How much did you pay for the trailer?

    I would like to do the same as the ready done ones are too expensive for me.

    All help / advice gratefully received



    4 years ago

    GUAO! Congratulations from Vzla