Cedar Wood Growth Chart Ruler Using Wood Burning Techniques




Introduction: Cedar Wood Growth Chart Ruler Using Wood Burning Techniques

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This is my first instructable and will show you all how to create a large scale Ruler or a Growth Chart Ruler for decoration. This one I will be using wood burning techniques instead of the traditional methods.

Step 1: Step 1 Materials

You will need the following items:

-Wood plank, I used 4ft long x 8in wide x 3/4in thick

-scrape thin wood for the stencil

-Ruler or tape measure

-Pencil or marker

-Torch or a lighter with controllable flame

-Wood burner engraver or solder gun

-Table saw or Jigsaw

-Eye hook screw

Step 2: Step 2 the Wood

You can purchase cedar wood boards from Lowes, Home Depot or any lumber store. First, I cut my board to 4 feet length for this project. Then, I used a tape measure and marked the for each 1ft, 1/2ft, and every 1in on the wood board. I started marking from the half foot mark to compensate for when I mount it 6 inch above the floor.

Step 3: Step 3 the Stencil

For the burning process I am creating a stencil out of scrape wood. I made a cut about 1/4in wide and 3in long using a table saw, but you could also use a jigsaw or any type of wood cutting tool. Once that's done you take the stencil a line it with the pre-marked lines on the board.

Step 4: Step 4 Burning the Lines With a Torch and Stencil

WARNING do at your own risk. Always use caution and safety when working with fire. Never burn anything indoors using fire or flames. Perform outdoors or were nothing can catch on fire. Keep water or fire extingusher nearby. And never attempt without adult supervision. Remember SAFETY FIRST.

Continuing on with the instructable.

I first dipped the wood stencil with water the wipe it off with a towel. The dampness keeps the wood from burning too fast. Line the stencil with the pre-marked lines on the cedar board. Use the torch flames and quickly point the flame in between the precut holes on the scape wood. Using quick back forth motion with the flame on the stencil until it's burned. Dip the stencil in water the wipe and repeat. Make sure the flame doesn't stay on the stencil too long. Continue until you are done.

Step 5: Step 5 Burning in the Numbers With Wood Burning Tool

Start by drawing or printing out the numbers. You can also go on the internet and print out the numbers. Once you got the printout, place the print on the wood board then trace the number with a pencil or pen pressing firmly. It will leave an outline on the wood. After your done tracing, remove the paper it will leave an outline of the number.

Note: Try using www.blockposters.com

This website creates large scale posters that you can printout of any images. Maybe helpful for this and other projects later on.

Next part is the burning using the Wood Burner tool/soldering gun. Start by heating up the tool, once it's hot, trace the outline of the number from the inside out. This helps to outer portion of the number from burning unintentionally and gives you a smoother outer line and control. When you are done burning the outline of the number's outline, go in and start burning the inside of the number going with the grain of the wood. This helps burn more smoothly. Another trick I use is to use a metal ruler to make straight lines.

Step 6: Step 6 Hanging the Piece / Finished Piece

Finally, once you have finished with all the burning and drawing. It is time to hang the artwork to the wall. Start by getting 2 eye hook screws which could be purchased any department stores aka Walmart, Target, etc. Screw the hooks evenly towards the ends. Then after it's screwed in, take the wood board and place against the wall. With a tape measure or ruler place the board the board at the 6 inch mark. This because the line of measurements start at the half foot mark. This allows you to have a the cedar board hanging on the wall without touching the bottom trim on the wall. Then use a nail or screw thru the eye hook into the wall.

Done, now enjoy your homemade art work. This is piece is great if you have little children. Enjoy.

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