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Introduction: Celestial Trinket Tray

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This instructable is about Celestial Trinket Tray using Epoxy Resin AKA Liquid crystal... Once i started working with resin, I'm kinda obsessed with it, because its so damn good medium with of course with proper safety measures. Today let's make this celestial trinket tray/dish together.. This is beginner friendly procedure so watch and just enjoy the process

Step 1: Supplies

1) Epoxy resin - 135g & Hardener - 45 g

I used epoxy resin and hardener ratio of 3:1

2) Moon phase silicone mould

3) Oval Trinket tray silicone mould

4) Powder pigment - I prefer pearly colours for creating galaxy effect

5) White holographic glitter

6) Paper cups

Safety Measures

1) Respirator

2) Gloves

Step 2: Shimmer

For moon phase mix 21g resin & 7g hardener until cloudy becomes clear, once its transparent add white holographic glitter

Step 3: Shimmer Moon

Pour the shimmer magic into moulds and let it sit for 24 hours

Step 4: Demould the Moons

After 24 hours once its cured, glitter will slowly settle at the bottom of mould, so the shimmer part is facing other side. Let's demould and take a look.

Step 5: Phase 2

Again mix a limited amount (approx 10gm) of resin apply on the front side of moon and stick on the trinket tray with equidistance between

Step 6: Galaxy Colours

Mix resin and hardener now , Mix 105 g resin and 35 g hardener

Step 7: Galaxy Pour

Here comes the most fun part.. Yay !!

Main reason behind fixing moon is since its fixed prior so that adding epoxy resin will not change the moon position.

Lets begin pearl black, Everthing here on is random, so really the process while making, no patterns or no restrictions to bound your imagination.

Try to scatter colours in different places as possible

Step 8: Blending

After pouring all colours and filling the trinker mould, take a hair dryer or heat gun and give a blow.. You can see the blending happening. This helps in combining all the colours and give a galaxy finish.

After the blow you can see your own milky way galaxy in second image

Step 9: Design

As you can see, after the blow it has formed its own colour too.. and also you can see effects near the moon

Step 10: Cured

After 24 hours its fully cured now, you can demould it.

Step 11: Thank You !!

Thank you for coming this far, hope you enjoyed the making process.

Another shell trinket made with similar galaxy pour except the moon phases

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in comment section

If you wanna, do share a pic , would love to see your galaxy version

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