Introduction: Cellar Door Halloween Prop

I always wanted a cellar door but didn't have the need until i found a space on the edge of my yard that sloped down and it made the perfect storm cellar entrance. The first year it was just motor driven and it opened and closed very loudly. The second year i sat inside of it and swung open the door and scared everyone!! Since then it has gone back to a motor then static with lights and fog and this year it had a burnt skeleton attempting to emerge from the fiery depths of the cellar!!

All measurements are in the video.

Basically you need the following:


fence boards

scrap wood




motor with custom cut wood cog (optional), not pictured or included in the how to, but it's on the video.

Step 1: Frame

Basically i cut down some plywood to make a slanted frame. In the video i explain that i had to use a half sheet on the back but you should make a full sheet, it's way easier to assemble each year.

I made two slanted sides the exact same dimensions, then cut a narrow front piece and then the back piece. Use scrap 2x4's and such to make block at the top middle and bottom middle for the doors to rest on.

Step 2: Doors

Use old weathered fence boards and make a 4 panel door (or however wide your frame is). Don't make them super tight together to allow for fog and light to penetrate through it and to look hurried. Make 2 doors and i suggest adding a piece of 1x4 to where the hinges attach to the actual slanted frame pieces to reinforce the hinge area and allow for swinging of the doors and not allow any binding. FIrst years i attached a hand to the right door and allowed the doors to close so that the hand appeared to be trying to open it. You may have to shave a space for it on both doors. Attach the doors to the frame and test for swinging and where it will rest.

Step 3: Finish It Off!

I added chains, which look great and if you add the motor they will add the rattling sound to the banging of the wood. It sounds awesome and helps hide the sound of the motor. As you can see in the pics it has changed over the years. This years version is the last two pics.

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