Cement Rusty Fountain

Introduction: Cement Rusty Fountain

Summerproject: Fountain

A garden without water isn't a garden (unkown).

Our garden is pretty nice, but so far without water. So I took a weekend this summer and fulfilled my dreams of an fountain.


- pump

- gush shower

- styrodur

- mortar bucket

- reinforcing mesh

- cement plaster

- iron primer (with iron particles in it)

- oxydation-chemicals for quick rust-effect

- paint for sealing

Step 1: Build the Base

Cut the styrodur and glue it together (I used normal construction adhesive and fixed the plates additionally with nails).

I made the base as an shell over an old mortar bucket.

Step 2: Plaster

Now plaster the base with reinforcing mesh and cement plaster. I did it twice to get the basis more stable.

Step 3: Pass Test

For testing the fountain put together the gush shower, base and mortar bucket. Then connect the pump and test.

Step 4: Make It Rusty

Paint the iron primer twice on the base. Then put the oxydation on it wit a paintbrush or a sponge one or multiple times depending on the desired appearance of the rust.

Step 5: Put Together

Now finally put together the base, the gush shower an the pump and put it on the mortar bucket. Fill water in and enjoy the relaxing splashing of the fountain.

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Looks like a fun summer project! I've never used iron primer, but it seems to produce a really cool rust effect. Thanks for sharing! :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank for your comment. Please vote for me on the concrete-contest. thx.


    1 year ago

    This Looks awesome! I've never seen a rust effect like this!