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Introduction: Censoring Music With Garageband

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What did I make? Depending on how you look at it, a mess of a great song or a more appropriate version of a song.

How did I make it? Well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out now, wont you?

I made it on my computer in GarageBand well sitting in a recliner.

I learned that censorship can be extremely annoying when a guitar riff gets cut short. I also learned that censorship can be more distracting then what is being censored.
Green Day,
A Great band, and one of the few today to still make music with meaningful lyrics. The problem is they occasionally use language that would make most people cringe.

For the most part I am not a fan of censorship. Generally the censoring is more noticeable than what's being censored (especially in music because you can tell something was there when the guitar riff seemingly skips a piece). However sometimes censorship is useful, an example being if your going to be playing the music around younger people (or older people).

In this instructable we are going to censor a song (American Eulogy/Mass Hysteria) with the Mac app GarageBand (it's included with iLife and is NOT available for Window, Linux, and/or Solaris (how many people do you know who even use Solaris?) bye quite literally "cutting out" the words that are considered offensive (I don't like to label things as "Swear Words").

Step 1: Create a New GarageBand Project.

Technically this isn't the first step. First you have to have the song that you want to censor (Doesn't that sound like a "Swear Word"? Censor you to Censor you Censor!).

To create a new project you open GarageBand an press "New Project" tab at the top and the press the choose button. I don't think it matters what you have selected, but I always have "Piano selected anyways (See image 1).

Now you will be asked to name your project, may I recommend that you give it the name of the song your going to be censoring?

Step 2: Add Your Song to the Project.

Now we want to add the song that we are going to censor to GarageBand.

The easiest way to do this is simply to drag and drop it.

If you already have the song in iTunes though, you can press the icon at the bottom of right of GarageBand that looks like a musical note (See image 2), and select it from the list of songs in your iTunes library.

Step 3: Find Where in the Song the Objectionable Content Is.

The songs I was censoring, I had never heard before, so I wasn't sure where the questionable language was. So I looked up the lyrics (Yahoo! it) and read the lyrics as the song was playing.

When you here a word you would like to censor out, pause the playback of the song (Press the space bar) there should be an icon that looks like scissors towards the bottom left of GarageBand, press that.

Your screen should now look like the first image. It does? Good, carry on. It doesn't? Well it was obviously your fault, it's not like I could have made a mistake... Go back and reread everything.

If you'll notice, assuming that your song is stereo, there are to blobs separated by a line. Drag your mouse (actually cursor might be more appropriate considering what were doing) over that line. It should form a sort of cross hair.

Drag that from the point the word begins, to where it ends like your highlighting text. Then if you press the "delete" button that part of the song should disappear never to return again unless you press Command Z , now move your cursor up to the orange bar on the same latitude as it says "Audio Region" drag the separated section to the left so that it is in contact with the other section (See images 2 and 3).

Step 4: Congratulations You Censoring Censor!

You've just censored a song. And you didn't have to add one of those bloody annoying "Bleeps" to do it. Repeat this wherever a word in the song you'd like to remove is.

Now you need to export your now censored music to iTunes. To do this you press the "Share" button at the top of your screen (See image 1) then click "Send Song to iTunes". Then you fill out playlist and artist info (See image 2).

Since were on the subject of music, go listen to a band called "Icon For Hire", then go listen to "Simple Plan".

Enjoy your Fn (Censored) music.

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    6 years ago

    incredibly helpful. thank you!!!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice tutorial for the people who want to excise the F bombs from a song. Have you tried this with anything more, uhhh, laden with expletives? I imagine that this would make a Too $hort song sound incredibly choppy since you're only cutting snippets rather than supplanting them with silence. Any advice for not losing instrumentation along with the naughty words?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well, if you were a let find an instrumental version of the song, then where you cut expletives out of the song, you could paste the part of the instrumental that happens at the same time.

    If the song is like a Beatles song (none of which to my knowledge use obscene language) the music is in the left channel and the lyrics are in the right (there stereo), so theoretically you could cut out the part in the right channel without the song sounding choppy.