Introduction: Center Console Card Holders

I had some leftover stick on wire harnesses from a electrical job. I attached them inside my center console to hold my various plastic cards. I don't really need my wallet on me all the time, and i hate digging through it to find my gas card. It also allows easy access to grab while at the drive through.

Step 1: Find Clip

You can find stick on clips at pretty much any store, these ones are designed to hold wires.

Step 2: Attach Clip

Place the clip in a handy spot, you should make sure that the card won't stick out of the console and get hit by the lid. My lid has a gap and even though it sticks out, it fits in the lid with a bit of clearance. Having it stick out makes it all the easier to grab. Note I put my card at an angle making it stick out the farthest it could ever possibly ever get, and then making sure it dosen't get hit by the lid.

I added one on each side, and one on the underside of the lid. I had to move the one on the lid forward after taking the pictures, because it was getting caught in the hinge when closing.

Step 3: Enjoy

No more digging for that wallet, or even really needing one.