Introduction: Ceramic Clay Phone/Tablet Stand - Simple, Fun and Useful!

This is a cylindrical stand that you can make with clay it using a hand building slab or by throwing it on a wheel. A channel is cut in the front third of the cylinder to hold the device in either portrait or landscape mode. This instructable shows you how to make a stand that can work for both a phone and a tablet!

Step 1: Calculate Size of Stand

The height of the stand is 3 inches. The diameter of the circular stand is proportional to your device . The same stand can be used for both a phone and a tablet. Use the smaller of the two to determine the size of the stand.

First we calculate the diameter of stand:

a) Measure the shortest side of your device: (my phone is 3 inches) so x = 3 inches

b) Diameter should be 25% larger than shortest side of device: d=x * 1.25 = 3 * 1.25 = 3.75 inches

Step 2: Make a Clay Cylinder

If throwing on the wheel, throw a cylinder with an inner diameter of d = 3.75 inches and height of 3 inches.

If hand building using a slab, roll out a slab to 1/4 inch thick. Cut out a rectangle 3 inches wide with the length equal to the circumference of the stand which we can calculate using the diameter: c= pi * d and pi = 3.14:
c = pi * d = 3.14 * 3.75 = 11.78 (we can round this up to 12 inches to allow for overlap). Roll a texture on the slab for decoration if desired. Let clay rest and stiffen for 1 hour then use a wet toothbrush to score the short edge. Carefully stand up and seal the short edges to create a cylinder, press gently to smooth the seam. Let rest undisturbed for another hour then add buttons or more decorations if desired using the wet toothbrush to score.

Step 3: Dry to Leather Hard.

Cover loosely with plastic bag and allow to dry for a day or two until cylindar is leather hard.

Step 4: Mark Slots

Use a ruler to make marks where slots should be on cylinder: they should be located in the first 1/3 front of the cylinder. Tip: Find this location, by dividing the cylinder into thirds. Use needle tool to outline slot use the attached template of slot cutout. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5: Carve Out Slots

Using a knife cut an undersized "v" inside the slot outline. Remember to support the cylinder while cutting. Use the knife of shave and shape the slot. Confirm the slot is even and aligned by laying a ruler in the slot. Make adjustments as necessary. You can also set the device inside to slot to check the side/depth but always support the device with one hand so that it does not damage the fragile clay.

Step 6: Cut Small Slot for Power Cord

Cut a small slot for the power cord on the bottom of the cylinder in the back.

Step 7: OPTIONAL: Carve Decorations

Use clay carving tools to add texture and decorate the stand.

Step 8: Bisque Fire Stand

Fire in kiln or oven according to clay specifications. Here we fired to cone 06.

Step 9: OPTIONAL: Apply Glaze

Dip top portion of stand into glaze leaving bottom 1/8 to 1/4 inch unglazed so it does not stick to kiln shelf.

Fire again to appropriate cone level.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Decorative Ceramic Stand!

Use the decorative stand to hold your device.

TIP: If the bottom of your stand is a bit rough, apply three or four stick on cork bumpers cut to size.

Hope you enjoyed this project!

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