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Introduction: Ceramic Mug With Wooden Handle

So, this project was the result of a ceramic handle breaking off a mug my wife had made and me deciding to replace it with a wooden one. It turned out to be a cool unique looking mug and there is no reason someone couldn't start this project with this end result in mind. So that is how I'll write up this article

Video of thowing a mug on pottery wheel: https://youtu.be/goTY6WfZGeE

Video of adding wood handle: https://youtu.be/3ShRbnc1Uq8


Clay, wood, glaze, glue, food safe wood finsh

Step 1: Throwing Mug

Start off by making a ball of clay.
Center the ball of clay onto wheel.
Form the clay into cylinder
Use tools to clean up and shape the sides of the mug
Remove the cylinder from wheel
So that you can add a wood handle later cut out a notch at the top of the mug body and at the bottom of it, slip and score a square piece of clay adding it to the bottom inline with the notch
Set mug aside and let it dry for around a week.

Step 2: Glazing and Firing

Once the mug body is dry, fire it in the kiln for the bisque fire
After it comes out of kiln, choose a glaze and either brush it on or use the dip method.
With the glaze applied fire the mug in the kiln again

Step 3: Joining Wood to Mug

For the top notch. Hold a piece of wood a little thicker than the mug's edge against back of notch and trace notch onto wood,
Cut the traced shape out so that the wood fits into the notch with minimal gaps.
Glue into place.
Once the glue dries, shape the wood to the contour of the mug.
Glue another contoured piece of wood to the front that is a little bigger than the notch
Once glue dries again, shape the two pieces together and clean up edges.

For the bottom piece we are going to use the part that sticks out of the bottom as a tenon.
Saw the end of a piece of wood to contour of the mug.
Using a chisel cut the mortise for the tenon into the end of that piece of wood.
The two pieces should fit snuggly with minimal gaps.
Do not glue in place yet.

Step 4: Making the Handle

Cut two pieces of wood that will connect the top and bottom pieces we cut in the previous step.
Cut accurate angles on the ends so that everything will connect without gaps.
Saw notches for splines in all of the ends where the wood will be joined together.
Cut thin strips of wood for splines.
Glue the loose pieces of wood together adding the splines. But don't glue them to the mug yet
Once glue has dried shape as much as you can using the bandsaw and other carving tools.
Now glue handle to the mug. Wait for glue to dry
Do the final shaping on the handle with it attached to the mug.
Sand everything smooth and apply finish.

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