Introduction: Cero Cost Centerpieces

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I've seen a lot of beautiful decorations in Pinterest using just greenery and some flowers. For my baby shower I wanted to do something very rustic that would still look great so I came up with these centerpieces that not only enhanced the party but didn't cost anything!

Step 1: Materials

Glass vases (different sizes)

Floral snips

Plants (one kind for each vase)


Floating candles

Step 2: Get Your Plants

Go out and collect different plants. Cut them near to the root using the floral snips.

2-3 long branches are perfect for each vase.

The long leaves also look great. Consider 3-4 for each vase.

Step 3: Put the Plants in the Vase

Roll up the branch or leaf to put it inside the vase. It must cover most of the sides of the vase. Keep rolling more branches or leaves until you cover the walls.

Step 4: Water

Add water to the vase. Leave 1/2 inch free.

Step 5: Candle (optional)

Put the floating candle. This adds style to the centerpieces and they are very cheap. I found mine in Home Depot but even some dollar stores sell them.

Of course this step will make the centerpiece cost some money but it looks great and you can reuse your floating candles.

Step 6: Repeat With the Other Vases

Repeat the steps with the other glass vases. Use just one kind of plant or leaves for each.

Step 7: Ready!

As you can see in these pictures they look amazing and it's a great way to use plants in your parties or home decoration without spending a dime.

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