Chain Reaction... But Make It PHYSICS




Introduction: Chain Reaction... But Make It PHYSICS

Creating a Chain Reaction can be satisfying and a jolly commemoration of invention. It would need a lot of patience to build this game but creating Chain Reaction will be fun exploration of cause and effect! And it can be a way to find new uses for familiar materials and to glimmer children’s imagination!

This guide you will help you step-by-step in feeding your own curiosity on how CHAIN REACTION works. Make sure to follow and read the description of each step provided in this instructables so you can make your own fun and easy Chain reaction!!!


WORK describes the energy transfer measure that happens when an object is moved by an outside force over a distance. It is also represented as the product of force and displacement in its simplest form.

ACCELERATION describes the rate at which an object's velocity varies in relation to time. Work is present in our game as it transfers energy from one object to another as it is a “chain reaction”, it also has acceleration because it the velocity of each object changes over time.

FREE FALL is defined as the motion of a body where its weight is the only force acting on an object. In the absence of air resistance, all objects will fell near the surface of the earth and fell towards it with the same near constant acceleration.


1. Marble/s

2. Bottle cap/s

3. Funnel

4. Mini/toy fan blades

5. Plastic pipes (tubes)

6. Copper wire or any malleable wire

7. Selfie stick head

8. Aluminium side bar

9. Styro foam (for construction of base/platforms)

10. Glue Gun and glue sticks (to put together the parts)

11. Hand saw (to cut the pipes)


Step 1: Let's Begin!

Make sure you have all the materials listed above! BE RESPONSIBLE!

STEP 1: Create the base or platform using the styro foams: This will be the area where your masterpiece of a contraption will stand! :) Use the photo for reference.

STEP 2: Assemble the paths for your marbles: take your pipes and cut it to a short length and take the funnel (and make sure your marbles can fit into the hole of the funnel!) and glue the exit point of the funnel above the pipe).

STEP 3: Attach the entrance tube you made in STEP 2 in the elevated part of your base and you can test it if the marble would go through the funnel then the pipe! Use the photo for reference.

Step 2: Copper Tracks

STEP 4: Now lets make the copper track! using the copper wires or any malleable wire you have in hand, cut two long pieces (of equal length) and straighten them. Then you can add some concave hoops to connect the two wires and make sure the marbles wont fall through (use the photo for reference). Now you can add the small fan underneath the copper tracks, make sure it is (1.) suspended so that it can work, the purpose of the fan is to make sure the marble don't loose acceleration. (2.) also make sure that the fan can push the marble one it passes through not stop it.

STEP 5: WATER BREAK! STEP 6: We can now attach the copper tracks with the fan to the entrance tube and make sure to test it by dropping a marble in the funnel -> marble drops and goes through the pipe -> unto the copper tracks then the fan should be able to "push" the marble upon passing. We can now assemble the first set of tracks in the platforms.

Step 3: The Final Track

STEP 7: You can now take a bottle cap and cut the top open so you have a hole where the marble can fall through (will serve as a guide so it can directly fall into your next track!), this part exhibits the free fall motion of the marble onto the next track.. Making the final track: set an aluminium side bar underneath the hole you made! Make sure to set everything in place with the glue gun and stick. (see photo for reference)

Step 4: Ta-da! You Did It!

STEP 8: Now (this is optional) you can add another bottle cap w/ the top opened so that your marble will go directly on the obstacle you'll make to reach your final goal! And this is how you make the goal (1.) pick a spot adjacent to the exit point of the marble. (2.) use the head of the selfie stick as a bumper to change the direction of the marble to the direction of the goal! You can use photos for reference and also check the link of the video demonstration attached below!

Now make sure everything is set in place with your glue gun and glue sticks and try playing the game!!!

link for the video demonstration and physics concept behind the game:

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