Introduction: Chain Maille Bracelet: Scale Maille

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We originally created this project as a quick holiday gift idea for those last minute recipients that might have slipped your mind (oops, sorry Aunt Milly!)  Swap out the colors though and this project is perfect for any time of year and looks way more complicated to make than it really is.  Here's what you need to make this project:

25-50 anodized aluminum scales (depending on how long you want to make your project)
50-100 F18 anodized aluminum jump rings (you will need two per scale
F = 5/32” (4.0mm)
18ga SWG = 0.048” (1.2 mm)
8 size D18 base metal jump rings (for clasp)
1 Cursive Toggle (or whatever toggle suits your taste)

To create this project, you will need two pairs of flat-nosed pliers.  We recommend Euro Tool Ergo pliers.  They are inexpensive and work for lots of different projects and metals.

Step 1:

Using a small ring, connect one end of your clasp to a scale.

Step 2:

Add the next scale by aligning it with the first one, and weaving a small ring through the holes on either side of the clasp ring.

Step 3:

Add the next scale by aligning it with the second scale and weaving through the holes on both scales on either side of the project.

Step 4:

Continue step 3 until you reach your desired length.

Step 5:

Finish the bracelet by attaching your clasp as shown.