Introduction: Chainmaille 101: 4 in 1 Thrice

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European 4 in 1 Thrice weave is a simple variation on the European 4 in 1 weave where a large AR is used for the base structure. A smaller-AR ring is placed inside the connecting sections to form a 3-section look in the weave.

Green Rings : Active Ring
Blue Rings : Inactive or finished sections.
Red Rings : Interpolated or Passed thru

AR’s Used in this tutorial are:
Large Ring AR 10/11
Small Ring AR 5/6

Lets get to work!

Step one: Weave yourself a section of Euro 4in1, we’ll be using this as a base starting point for stability.Step Two: Starting on the left side we're going to add one small ring the two of the end center rings that form the Euro4in1.
Step Three: Here we are doing the same only one section higher. You need to reuse the top ring of the previous step.
Step Four: Continue with step 3 all the way up the piece
Step Five: Rotate the piece 90 degrees. Now with one of the small AR rings weave it thru the 2 end sections of the 4in1 like you would if you were continuing the Euro4in1 pattern normally. Note this will draw in the opposing side closer to the middle, making the weave tighter.
Steo Six: Again just as you would weave Euro4in1. Place you ring thru 4 of the next section like shown. If you are working in small rings it may help to fold the weave in half to get the ring into place.
Step Seven: Continue step 6 to end of piece.
Step Eight: Same as we did on the opposing side (what is now the top). Weave one of the small rings thru the two center rings.
Step Nine: Repeat, only one section down reusing the last ring from the previous step.
Image: thrice10.jpg

Step Ten: Continue to the end of the piece.
Image: thrice11.jpg

Okay that covers our stable starter piece now lets get to expanding that section.

Step Eleven: Using a large ring, pass it thru the small ring from step 7 and thru the original part of the Euro4in1
Step Twelve: Here is a fun part. Pass another large ring thru 4 others, 2 small and 2 large. Be sure to reuse the rings from step eleven.
Step Thirteen: Continue step Twelve to the end of the piece.
Step Fourteen: This is just like step five, only without the other two rings. Use a small ring
Step Fifteen: Again a small ring passing thru two larger rings as in step 6 above.
Step Sixteen: Continue fifteen to the end of the piece
Step Seventeen: Using a large ring pass it thru all 4 rings on the end of the piece, both small and large like shown here.
Step Eighteen: Just like the previous large ring. Pass a new large ring thru 4. Reuse the last 2 rings from the previous step.
Step Nineteen: Continue to end of part

Okay Nice! Now let's expand the other way.

Step Twenty: Starting with the loose large rings, add one to the top large ring as shown.
Step Twenty-one: As in weaving Euro4in1 add another large ring one row down.
Step Twenty-two: Continue to the end
Step Twenty-three: Just like we did in step 8 above add a small ring into the center of 4 rings linking them together.
Step Twenty-four: Repeat using the bottom two rings from step twenty-three
Step Twenty-five: Continue to the end
Step Twenty-six: Back to big rings and weaving Euro4in1 on the side of the piece.
Step Twenty-seven: Rinse...
Step Tewnty-eight: Repeat...
Step Twenty-nine: We are back to step 1 again. Just on the other side of the piece.
Step Thirty: Same as what would be step 2 on other side. Small ring thru 4 rings, reuse the bottom ring from step 29.
Step Thirty-one: Continue to the end.
Step Thirty-two: Do it again and again and again till you're done.!!! And you're DONE!!