Introduction: Chainsaw Art

About: I am a chainsaw art charger that started carving in the beginning of September 2019. Enjoy!

Step by step of a wall mount motorcycle carving.

Step 1: Getting Started

Step #1 Find the desired log you want to use and set it up in your working area. Next make sure you have proper PPE to begin. Then cut desired log in half. After you have cut the log in half cut it again down to 2.5inches thick or desired thickness.

Step 2: Your Motorcycle Carving Sketch

Step #2 draw your motorcycle imagine onto the log slab. Then cut out the motorcycle with your chainsaw.

Step 3: Adding Detail

Step #3 Once you have cut out the shape of your motorcycle carving you will then start carving in your details and different depths. This can be accomplished with a small tip chainsaw, die grinder, or dremal.

Step 4: Final Step

Step #4 After you have finished adding the details on your carving it is time to shade/color. This can be accomplished by using a torch or paint. If you use a torch the carving will need gone through again with a dremal to clean up over burn.

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