Chakra Healing Harmonizer Using Arduino

Introduction: Chakra Healing Harmonizer Using Arduino

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A step to combine the technology and spiritualism.

This project demonstrates the use of electronics and embedded system with Chakra Meditation.

This is my step to put forth to help a yoga institution and to create an awareness about Chakra healing.

Step 1: Parts and Material

Arduino Uno x 1

Relay Module x 7

Arduino MP3 Shield x 1

Speaker: 3W, 4 ohms x 2

RGB LED panel x 7

Step 2: Hardware

I had cut the Plywood to the required dimension and Glass to cover each RGB LED Panel.

The 12V adapter is installed for powering the device and a separate adapter is used to light the LED Panel. The Relay Connections are used to switch the LED Color Panels. Make sure that the supply is isolated.

Drill the plywood to mount the PCB.

Step 3: Connections

*Arduino -> BT MODULE*
TX -> RX

RX -> TX

VCC -> 3.3v


*Arduino -> Relay Board*

IN1 -> A1

IN2 -> A2

IN3 -> A3

IN4 -> A4

IN5 -> A5

IN6 -> A6

IN7 -> A7



*Arduino -> MP3Module*

TX -> D10

RX -> D11

VCC -> 3.3v


Step 4: The Code

You can find the sample code on my GitHub Repository below.

Step 5: Connections

Step 6: Application

For now we will use the ready-made application. In the following days I will publish the application once after the certificates are processed.

APP Screenshot:

Step 7: Working of This Project:

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    Question 2 years ago

    Excellent work...
    Can u integrate Solfeggio frequency in it ? If yes, how?


    Answer 1 year ago

    Yes it is possible. All we have to do is, load the music track for each frequency and play it in a xsequence.