Introduction: Chalk Painting Furniture

Chalk painting can be super easy and fun, but first it is important to know how to use it and different looks chalk paint can give you. The table above is a piece of furniture that I have refinished. Continue reading to get a step by step process of how I gave this table a new look and what you should do. :)

Step 1: Sanding

While sanding isn't always necessary before chalk painting, it can help to ensure that the paint will go on smoothly. Use a small sander to go over any rough spots or to remove the shiny finish. Once you are done wipe clean to remove the dust.

As you can see, for this table I removed the top finish and used a sander to go over any rough or uneven spots.

Step 2: Painting

When it comes to chalk paint, there are several things you can do. You can make your own and find several different recipes online or you can just buy it. On this table I used the paint brand Dixie Belle, and if you would like to know the specific color it is called Midnight Sky. Some pieces of furniture may require more than one coat of paint like this one. Make sure you put a coat on and let it dry before putting another coat on. If you try to apply more paint while the surface is wet, it may cause the paint to peel back off.

Step 3: Waxing

The final step of this process (waxing), can be optional to some people. Waxing gives you the shiny look you may want and allows for a nice smooth texture with no bumps, it is the sealing deal.

One tip to keep in mind when waxing:

When you apply the wax- if you can run your finger across it and see a mark or a ridge left behind- YOU HAVE TOO MUCH WAX on it!

On this table, I used a black wax to seal it and give it the shiny look that I wanted.

Step 4: Showing Off Your Final Product!

This end table has been given a totally new look. In addition to chalk painting this, new knobs were put on the drawers. The gold knobs take this table to a new level of sophistication and add some charm. The table was also distressed as you can see from the images above, which give it more of an antique look. Tables like this are selling for at least $125.