Introduction: Chandelier Globe Makeover

I installed this fixture many moons ago. My wife has never liked it. The globes are to white. The finish on them is chalky, making them impossible to wipe clean. She has looked everywhere for replacement globes. They aren't available. She decided that painting them might be the answer. I didn't want to ruin what we had, so a test sample would be our first step.


A globe similar to what I already have as a test subject

A can of paint acceptable to the wife's taste

A clean area to spray paint in

Optional item, a downdraft table to collect over spray

Step 1: The Test Subject

The shape is different but, the color and texture are similar.

Step 2: The Paint

This product is for indoor and outdoor use, it claims to create a hammered texture. Although glass was not listed as a surface to use it on, ceramic was. The fact that led lights don't generate much heat helps a project like this as well. I think it will be fine. Our test piece will tell the story.

Step 3: Lets Paint

I don't want to spray the inside, it would be to difficult to get an even spray in there. I think it would show poorly when lit. The rolled paper towel will keep the spray out. After spraying, I can see that a fault in the glass shows up a lot more than it did previously. I'll have to check the others before I proceed.

Step 4: Check With, She Who Must Be Obeyed

My loving wife, pleased with the result, the project continues.

Step 5: Wash and Dry

This is the only way to clean these. If you wipe them with a towel they just collect lint. That said, we weren't sure what would happen if they got wet ;-)

They survived the washing up and were set aside to dry over night.

Step 6: Back Out to the Shop to Paint

The downdraft sanding table works quite well at collecting the over spray.

Step 7: The Painting Process

For those who want an action shot, here is a somewhat sped up video of the painting process. Use short bursts while moving across the surface. Keep moving and use light coats or you could get drips. Drips are not welcome and will end up costing me much more than a can of paint. Though a new kitchen light fixture would have been a nice Christmas present. I was successful at creating a drip free surface.

Step 8: Voila!

The finished globes are much nicer. The wife and I are both pleased with the result.

Step 9: Before and After Unlit

As you can see the before texture is matte and chalky. The after is somewhat shiny and much smoother. We will probably dust them occasionally now.

Step 10: Lit Before and After

Its pretty hard to take a picture of a lighting fixture that's turned on. This is the best I could do. I'm pleased with the change.

If you've gotten this far, thanks for joining me.

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