Change Look of Factory Truck Rims



Introduction: Change Look of Factory Truck Rims

We wanted a nicer looking rim than the factory aluminum rims on my son's Ranger

Step 1: Remove Rims From Vehicle and Clean

Remove rims from vehicle and clean with good quality car soap or degreaser.

Step 2: Mask Rims

I masked the rims with 3m green tape.

Step 3:

After completely masking all areas that won't be painted add additional tape overhanging all edges and essentially sealing off the tape edge from the cleaner I will be using.

Step 4: Wash Surface to Be Painted With Wheel Acid Cleaner

Wash surface to be painted with wheel acid cleaner. Wear mask and gloves and rinse after two minutes.

Step 5: Remove Protective Tape Layer

Remove protective tape layer.

Step 6: Sanding

Sand with 600 grit sand paper until all surfaces that are too be painted are dull not shiny. Clean the back of the rim and sand as well. This way any over spray on the back of the rim will stick. As an extra step you can paint the back of the rim by hand with a brush. This covers the whole back of the rim with paint as well.

Step 7: Paint and Remove Tape.

Remove tape after painting with epoxy primer and base coat clear coat. Reinstall tires and wheels and enjoy the new look.

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